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Omar Khan NFL Combine Interview: What We Learned

Omar Khan and his first offseason as Steelers general manager is underway and he did his first NFL Scouting Combine interview.

It was definitely a different look for Steelers fans. New GM but the excitement remains, and Khan wasn’t hesitant to answer any questions.

What did we learn about Khan’s interview? A lot actually and some of his answers gave fans some clarity about concerns and questions heading into the offseason.

Mitch Trubisky is here to stay for now.

Omar Khan had nothing but praise to give Mitch Trubisky. He loves how Mitch works with Kenny Pickett and hopes to keep him around.

“Mitch has been awesome since the day he got here. How he’s been with Kenny has been great. I want Mitch around.” – Omar Khan praises Mitch Trubisky

Mitch has been seen working with Kenny and the targets the last couple weeks, so the writing is on the wall. Mitch would have to accept a backup role and seeing how he probably won’t start anywhere else; it’s best he remains behind Kenny.

The big concern remains Mitch’s contract and cap hit this year. Could a new deal be in the works, or could Mitch be given a one-year extension to lessen the cap hit?

Seeing Khan’s comments, anything is a likely scenario for Mitch to remain at a team friendly cost.

Cam Sutton contract talks have already begun.

This is great news. Sutton is deserving of a new contract and should remain with the team.

“We think very highly of Cam and conversations have commenced. We’ll see where it goes, just like all of our other free agents. We have a few guys that we would prioritize. I’m not going to get into who’s who. I feel good about where we’re at. We like Cam a great deal.” – Omar Khan

Obviously, nothing was said about how far along they are on reaching a new deal and nothing is imminent, but the hope is there.

Cap room still needs to be made to reach a new deal. Perhaps we get some good news very soon regarding one of the Steelers more important free agents.

Alex Highsmith could (and should) be next in line for extension.

Sutton wasn’t the only defensive player Khan was asked about an extension. Alex Highsmith is coming off a career year and is entering the final year of his rookie contract.

“We don’t like good young players to get away” – Omar Khan regarding Highsmith and impending free agents

If history has told Steelers fans anything, a Highsmith extension will be placed on the backburner for free agency and draft reasons, but Khan will surely come back to it before preseason hits.

Highsmith hasn’t even hit his peak yet. Extending him will be on Khan’s to-do list before we get to the season.

Andy Weidl will help set the draft board. Tomlin, Khan & Rooney will make the picks.

This is no different than what Weidl did for Philadelphia. He didn’t make the selections, but his brilliant scouting set up the draft boards that now see the Eagles with a stacked roster, especially in the trenches, to which most were drafted by Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman.

“The way I’m doing it, Andy is in charge of putting the board together. He’s going to have a lot of influence from Mark Sadowski and Danny Colbert, who are a big part of it, and obviously, coach and I are involved. Coach, Art and I will make sure to get together and make a Steelers decision.” – Omar Khan on the drafting process

This is what we wanted to hear. Let Weidl work his magic and the Steelers need to listen and be open to the assistant general manager.

Obviously, the main front office will have to make the smart picks and draft the right guys. This will all depend on where the draft board lies and who remains on the board.

Trust Tomlin and especially Rooney if you want, but this excites me and I hope that come draft weekend, the Steelers do right.

Anything is on the table during the NFL Draft.

Steelers have 4 picks in the top 100, 3 of them in the top 50. Including early picks at 17 and 32.

Khan expects to get a lot of offers for that 32nd pick, the first pick of day 2 of the NFL Draft and stated anything is on the table in regards of moving anywhere in the draft.

“It gives us an opportunity to do a lot of different things. We have a lot of scenarios we’ve talked about. Everything is on the table right now. It gives us options” – Omar Khan regarding the NFL Draft

He also stated that this is a really good draft with a lot of good football players at every position. Anything is possible come draft day. Keep your minds open!

Khan is comfortable with the salary cap situation.

Why wouldn’t he be? Khan has gotten the Steelers out of deeper holes before.

“We’re obviously in a lot better shape than we’ve been in the past. We’re comfortable that if we can do something to improve our team, we can make things happen. There’s nothing holding us back.” – Omar Khan on the salary cap

Khan is going to get the Steelers out this corner again and moves should be happening soon!

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